Life’s Simple Pleasures List – Part 2

Here are a few more things that are simple, yet wonderful and add joy to our lives when we take the time to notice them. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, you can find it here.

A few of the items shared in the comments from that post, I had already composed into this list, and some were ones I hadn’t thought of – it is always good to have the reminder to appreciate the little things in life! Please feel free to comment below what some of your favourite simple pleasures in life are.

  1. Opening up a new bag of coffee beans and breathing in the scent. It’s almost better than the coffee itself!
  2. Watching the flakes float lazily down for the first soft, silent snowfall of winter.
  3. The cheery faces of daffodils in the spring.
  4. When you find a good parking spot.
  5. When you go to leave the parking lot later and the spot ahead of you is empty so you only need to drive on through instead of backing up.
  6. Hot bread fresh out of the oven, with butter melting into it.
  7. The scent of lilacs heralding the summer.
  8. The drone of bees on a hot summer’s day, busy at their work.
  9. Wood smoke drifting in the air on a crisp autumn morning.
  10. A really comfortable pair of shoes.

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