Winter Forest Hike and Picnic

  I know, the last thing anyone wants when spring finally starts to take hold and the flowers are looking to burst forth, is to dredge up winter again. But, a few months ago when it was still winter, I took a lovely forest tromp through the snow with my niece. Unfortunately, my pictures do … Continue reading Winter Forest Hike and Picnic

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

You would think living in Canada would automatically guarantee a picturesque Christmas with snow-laden trees, children sledding, and couples skating hand-in-hand. This might be the case in many other parts of the country, but here in my little corner it is often not so. The Atlantic Ocean is a climate control all in itself, keeping … Continue reading I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Wonder-Filled World

I may be in my 30's, but I still look forward to the first snowfall of the year. And why not? Who says one must put aside the youthful awe of perfectly formed ice crystals, lacy and delicate, falling gently to blanket the earth? The world grows silent and still, hushed in expectation for those first flakes to appear and float … Continue reading Wonder-Filled World