Winter Forest Hike and Picnic


I know, the last thing anyone wants when spring finally starts to take hold and the flowers are looking to burst forth, is to dredge up winter again. But, a few months ago when it was still winter, I took a lovely forest tromp through the snow with my niece. Unfortunately, my pictures do not come near to capturing the magic of adventure, but I will endeavour to tell the tale nonetheless.

Back in February we had received a winter’s worth of snow all at once. (Here’s a picture to prove it)

The blob in the background is my buried barbeque

A week or so later, much of it had melted. This particular day was warm and held a promise of spring, so  in order to help it along, we decided on a picnic. I packed a simple lunch of hotdogs in a thermos, strawberries, nuts and seeds, graham crackers, and hot cocoa, and then we set out to explore. It was about 10 C / 50 F outside so there was a mist rising off the snow. It had been a drizzly morning earlier which added to the fresh, clean feeling in the air.

Winter 16-17 004
Misty drops clinging to the cedars

Winter 16-17 005



Mushrooms had found a home on this fallen tree

We found a great spot on a fallen log to enjoy our snack (a different one than the one pictured above – we weren’t about to disturb the mushrooms).  We also stumbled across a few springs of water. It was wonderful to hear their cheery, bubbling voices. It was like they were announcing to the world that hope springs eternal. We took several photos and videos, as well as simply soaking in the sound.

A tree fell, landing exactly on another tree


Old farming implements – I guess we need to be careful where we step!


Winter 16-17 019

Winter 16-17 014
Everything was a wash of wintery afternoon light


By the end of the day, the sun was peeking through the trees as it was preparing to go to bed. Our grand adventure had thus come to a close. One last sprinkle of seeds for the birds and any possible trolls or other mythical figures that might have been hiding in the shadows, and we made our way home to our own beds so we could dream of fairy tales and adventures in far-away lands forgotten in time.


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