Saucy Reuben Breakfast Sandwich

This morning for breakfast I was in the mood for something special (since it IS almost Christmas) and yet different. I was thinking Eggs Benedict would be nice, but I wasn't prepared for that (no bacon thawed, and I would have to find a recipe for dairy-free hollandaise sauce...I didn't really want to go that … Continue reading Saucy Reuben Breakfast Sandwich

Feast of Mussels

Here in Atlantic Canada we enjoy our seafood. So when I saw a good deal on mussels at a local supermarket, I headed right over to pick some up. They are quick and easy to prepare, which is perfect for a weeknight, and made a wonderful treat. They were part of the supermarket's Black Friday … Continue reading Feast of Mussels

Dairy-Free Living

Somewhere in my teens I noticed a sensitivity to dairy. It was nothing much, I just reduced the frequency and quantity I consumed. I used less milk on my cereal and reserved cheese for things like lasagna instead of eating it plain. All that changed a few years ago. An episode of pneumonia required an … Continue reading Dairy-Free Living

Apple Pie Smoothie

After picking so many apples from my grandmother’s tree (see previous blog – Unexpected Blessings), I’ve been scrambling to find ways to use the apples. I’ve made 2 batches of juice so far, canned apple pie filling, applesauce is on my list still to make, and I’m going to try drying apple slices for the … Continue reading Apple Pie Smoothie

Home Preserving

I love the satisfaction of lying in bed after an evening of canning produce, listening to the jar lids seal with their popping noise as I drift off to sleep. It is the sound of three season’s worth of work coming to an end. Hopeful spring: planting and caring for delicate shoots, looking over bushes … Continue reading Home Preserving

Everything Grape

I had opportunity to gather some concord grapes, and let me tell you, there was an abundance of them! The question quickly became what to do with them all? I started looking through my recipes and cookbooks to see if there was anything different that I could make with them, and nothing was speaking to … Continue reading Everything Grape