Hiking the Sussex Bluffs

Nestled into the hills of Sussex Corner and Dutch Valley, NB is a gem of a hike with some amazing views. Part of the Catamount Trail, you can go as far as you would like with this hike as it would eventually lead you out to to the Bay of Fundy Coast, but many just go as far as the 2 look-outs over the the glorious farmland and winding river of Dutch Valley.

To find the beginning of this trail, drive to Sussex Corner, NB. Google Maps does not show the roads correctly and it is easy to become confused.

Directions to Sussex Bluffs

Coming from Moncton and areas north:
-Take exit 198 for Sussex/Sussex Corner/St. Martins
– Turn left onto Rte 111 and continue on it (you will be making a right hand turn at one point).
– Turn left onto Sullivan St.

Coming from Saint John and areas south:
-Take exit for Sussex.
-Follow the signs for skiing or Adair’s Wilderness Lodge through Main Street. It will loop you around the town square and an old train station. (Sussex itself is a very pretty town with many interesting shops and wall murals – you might want to leave yourself a bit of extra time to explore).
-You will pass into the village of Sussex Corner.
-At “the corner” of Post Rd and , veer left onto the Post Rd.
-Cross bridge and take a right onto Sullivan St.

– Take first left onto Rockridge Dr.
-The road will turn to gravel and will end at a water tower. There will probably be other vehicles parked here.
-Walk past chain link fence on either side of the tower to the back corners and take trail. There is an entrance at either back corner, both lead in the same direction and will merge.

The trail will split off and rejoin in several spots. As far as I can tell, they all seem to run parallel and keep rejoining, so it doesn’t seem to matter which way you take. Some are further away from the edge but you will still have access to the look-outs when you come to those places. It takes about 45 min. to reach the 2 look outs, and you will return the same way. There are many people who take their dog and kids, but be warned: there are cliffs. Don’t let little ones run ahead, and make sure to warn them to watch where they are walking as there are roots and rocks in the path so it could be easy to trip. There are people mountain biking the trail, too, but that is not for me. It is uphill to the bluffs, but it isn’t too strenuous of a hike – I would say easy-moderate. As long as someone is steady on their feet and able to put out some exertion, they can walk this path. It is mostly wooded and makes a great nature hike for children – to collect pine cones or acorns or to look at the leaves or holes in the trees left behind by woodpeckers. The views at the top are breath-taking. Unfortunately, pictures never do justice! In a few weeks, the leaves on the trees will have turned to their splendid shades and I think it would be even more beautiful then.

2 thoughts on “Hiking the Sussex Bluffs

  1. This needs to be acknowledged as private property. My father owns one of the cliffs and 3/4 of the trail and there has never been any formal permission to anyone about listing comments or info about his property. No fires are permitted and anyone cought having a fire will be charged for damaging private property.


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