Finding Balance

First things first, I will apologise for the time that has passed without writing. I had struck a deal with myself when I first began this blog that, if I was going to begin this venture, I needed to see it through with consistency. (Unlike many other projects that had been started and not completed in … Continue reading Finding Balance

The Gate of the Year

Heartfelt greetings for a new and wonderful year to all! I find entering a new year is a chance for introspection and hope. Standing at the threshold of a new year, a road lays before us. Where it takes us, no man knows, but we have a choice to step out with earnest expectation or with dread. I … Continue reading The Gate of the Year

8 Steps On How To Get a Kitten Used To Riding In a Car

I recently came into possession of a kitten. I have always been more of a dog person and had figured I would one day get a puppy when my life was a bit more settled. Then I started facing the facts that with my long hours away from home, a dog would be impossible.  A … Continue reading 8 Steps On How To Get a Kitten Used To Riding In a Car